Terms of Business

Shipping costs for oilpaintings

Paintings are securely shipped at your expense. Customised rates are available.

Mounts & frames

The paintings are normally shipped without a frame.

Deposit / Payment

For contracts up to 400,-$ the invoice is payable with the order. For orders over 400,-$ a deposit of 50% is required. The balance will be paid after completion of the image due (see Order). In case you cancel the commission , you have to bear the costs for the work done by then. Minimum 300,-$.

Varnish for oilpaintings

Surface shine can be standard, gloss, mat or silkmat as requested.
Because oilpaintings dry slowly, varnish requires 12 months preparation and costs €200-600 dependent upon commission size. Varnish drying time is a further 2 months before commissions are shipped.

Tipps for a longer painting-life

Generally it is not advisable to expose the painting to direct sun light, humidity and high fluctuates of temperature.

Exclusion of liability

Christina Brüne does not assume any liability for damage caused by inappropriate handling. Shipping will take place in a specially upholstered package. Christina Brüne does not assume any liability for damage in transit.

Up to the complete payment Christina Brüne is owner of the painting.


Up to point 5 "Final painting" in "The Commission Process" there is no return.

Usage for private house advertising

All commissions are scanned and potentially used for proprietary advertisement. Please indicate if this is not acceptable to you.

Shipment abroad

The applicable law is that of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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Performance & Place of jurisdiction

Nauen - Federal Republic of Germany